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Welcome to Cabinas Ola Mar. We offer one of the best accommodation deals you are likely to find in the Cabo Matapalo area. Our two rental houses represent great value for money if you are visiting Costa Rica on a limited budget. Casa Lapa and Casa Titi, our brand new fully furnished cabinas, are built to accentuate the natural, open air atmosphere of this incredibly biodiverse area. Set in mature tropical gardens brimming with hibiscus, heliconia and fragrant ylang ylang, shaded by coconut palms, beach almond and mango trees, the property is very secure and private with plenty of parking. There is a jungle trail that leads directly to the beach only steps from our front entrance. Cabinas Ola Mar is surrounded by lush secondary growth forest and you are sure to see and hear many of Costa Rica’s rarest birds and mammals, on a daily basis. With nature trails, waterfalls, jungle scenery, uncrowded beaches and great surf breaks nearby, this is the perfect location for exploring Cabo Matapalo and the Osa Peninsula. Off the grid and off the beaten track, yet only 15kms. from the airport and Puerto Jimenez, we are just a short stroll from the internationally acclaimed ‘Martina’s Bar and Restaurant’.

scarlet macaws are daily visitors to cabinas ola mar
the property is set in mature tropical gardensthe property is very securea jungle trail leads directly to the beachthe chestnut mandibilled toucan is a common sightingscarlet macaws are daily visitors to cabinas ola marthe squirrel monkey, costa rica's most endangered primateseveral waterfalls are within walking distance of the cabinasjungle scenery and uncrowded beachesthree great surf spots within easy walking distance of each other

About our cabinas

Our two cabinas offer safe and comfortable accommodation in a tropical rainforest setting. Each cabina is completely self contained with a secure, lockable bedroom, fully equipped kitchen with solar powered fridge, gas stove and oven. The bright and airy open plan living and dining areas are half-walled and south facing to catch the early morning sun and the afternoon breeze. The bathrooms are clean and fresh, each with shower and toilet. Both houses are shaded and privately screened by exotic plants and foliage. If you are here for more than a few days we provide a weekly house clean with a change of towels and bed linen. Living in such a natural, un-touched region, we are very concious about our impact on the environment. To that end we supply separate bins for compost, trash and re-cycling plastic and aluminium. Please scroll down to take a closer look at these two great vacation rental homes.

Casa Lapa

With one large double bedroom, two double beds and an extra single bed, Casa Lapa can sleep up to five people, perfect for a family or small group that doesn’t mind sharing. The beds are fully fitted with mosquito nets and ceiling fans. The front porch offers a shady relaxing area with sofa, chairs and hammock.

shady porch with sofa and hammock
casa lapa porchcasa lapacasa lapa  double bedroomdouble beds with mosquito netssouth facing kitchen and dining areacasa lapa bathroom
$100 a night, $600 a week

add $20 a night for each extra person

Casa Titi

Slightly smaller than it’s counterpart, but just as nice, Casa Titi has one double bed also fully fitted with mosquito net and ceiling fan. The open air living and dining area is very spacious with a corner sofa for lounging or savouring an early morning cup of fine Costa Rican coffee. Casa Titi is ideal for couples or singles.

path to casa titishaded by coconut palmscasa titi bedroomsecure and lockable bedroomopen air living and diningcasa titi bathroom
casa titi, shaded by coconut palms
$100 a night, $600 a week

great value for couples and singles

Our location

location of cabinas ola marCabinas Ola Mar is located in the small beachside community of Cabo Matapalo at the southern tip of Costa Rica’s Osa peninsula in an area of outstanding natural beauty, where dense tropical rainforest tumbles down through misty hills and valleys onto a rugged coastline of rocky coves, sandy bays and distant headlands to meet the sparkling blue waters of the Golfo Dulce and crashing waves of the pacific ocean. This is the wild side of Costa Rica, one of the last untamed regions in the country, with over 70% of the rainforest still intact. The peninsula is home to Corcovado National Park, the jewel in the crown of the nation's wildlife and conservation programs. The park encompasses one third of the peninsula and is one of central america’s last refuges for the elusive Jaguar. The Osa is a place of intense biodiversity, a noah’s ark of flora and fauna. Many of Costa Rica’s most endangered species proliferate here and especially in the Cabo Matapalo area you will be sure to see all four of central america’s primate groups. The howler monkey, spider monkey, capuchin and most endangered, the squirrel monkey, not to mention a host of other strange and exotic creatures. A staggering 426 species of birds have been recorded on the peninsula and our area is home to one of the most endangered, the raucous, larger than life scarlet macaw. At one point there were more scarlet macaws in captivity than existed in the wild. Now, thanks to efforts by conservation groups and individuals, the balance is being redressed.

rocky coves and sandy bays
tropical scenerysprkling blue waters of Backwash baylate afternoon light at Cabo Matapalomantled howler monkeyyoung spider monkeycapuchin monkeysgreen iguana relaxes in the heat of the daylarger than life Scarlet Macawsscale

Getting here

roads of the osa peninsulaSo far the Osa peninsula has escaped the impact of mass tourism, due in part to it’s wild and rugged geography. Most of the peninsula is still off the grid and getting here can be an adventure in itself. However, it is getting easier to reach the Osa. Local airlines, Nature Air and Sansa have daily flights from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez and the old access road from Chacarita is being vastly improved, with new bridges and less potholes. Driving time from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez is now down to about six hours, even if you are coming by bus. If you do arrive by public transport you can hire a 4wd right next to the airport or take the collectivo, a covered truck with basic seating in the back. It runs out to Carate twice a day, at 6 am. and 1.30 pm. The driver can drop you off right by our entrance. It’s a slow and bumpy ride, but at $8 is a lot cheaper than the $30 taxi fare to get out here.
There are very few amenities on this side of the peninsula so you will need to stock up with supplies and fill up your tank in Puerto Jimenez, before you head out on the dirt road to Cabo Matapalo (4wd recommended). Ola Mar is 15km. south of town, about forty minutes drive. The road is extremely rough and there are several rickety bridges to cross and three rivers to ford, fairly easy in the dry season, December to April, but during the wet season beware, these little rivers can swell with torrential rain and can test even the sturdiest 4x4. Once past the rivers, look out for our sign on the left hand side of the road. Take the left just before Martina’s Bar. Follow the track down and to the left at Casa Dos Rios. The entrance to Ola Mar will be directly in front of you. Congratulations, you made it.

Things to do

At only 8 degrees above the equator, we are blessed with a tropical climate, clear blue skies in the morning and a year round sea temperature of 79˚, beautiful uncrowded beaches on our doorstep and pacific rainforest in our backyard. It is a haven for outdoor adventurers and nature lovers. So when you have settled in, relaxed in your hammock for a while, read a good book or two, we have an eclectic selection to browse, you may want to get out and about and try your hand at some of the many activities on offer here.
Click on the arrows to take a look

  • Nature trails & waterfalls Nature trails & waterfalls There are several nature trails and waterfalls within walking distance of Cabinas Ola Mar. A walk up the nearby Carbonera river, overhung by lianas and tall trees leads to a series of three waterfalls, one with a swimming hole. But if you really want first hand experience of the rainforest, local guides are available to enhance your adventure with their extensive knowledge of indigenous plants and wildlife.
  • Corcovado National Park Corcovado National Park There are now several entrances to the park and we are in a prime location for an expedition to this treasure trove of wildlife, rainforest and mangrove. There are many guides available who really know the park. For the less intrepid adventurer, the park entrance near Drake Bay is an easier alternative.
  • Bird watching Bird watching The Osa is internationally renowned as a birder’s paradise. Take an early morning stroll through the leafy trails of Cabo Matapalo and you will see and hear some of Costa Rica’s most colorful birds, scarlet macaws, red lored parrots, the rufous tailed humming bird, or even the blue dacnis.
  • Surfing Surfing With three great surf spots, Matapalo, Backwash bay and Pan Dulce all within walking distance of each other, it’s no wonder that this area draws travelling surfers from all parts of the globe. Board rental and surf lessons from top instructors are readily available.
  • Fishing Fishing The waters around the Osa peninsula are teeming with fish and many opportunities await the keen angler. Sport fishing charters head out into the pacific for Marlin, Sailfish and Rooster fish. Or you may want to catch your supper. In which case you can fish for tuna or mahi mahi.
  • Sailing Sailing A sailing tour on the Golfo Dulce can be an unforgettable experience. The Golfo Dulce is an important and unique habitat for a multitude of marine life. The Olive Ridley turtle nests on many of our local beaches. Pods of dolphin up to 200 strong can be encountered, with frequent sightings of whale shark and Humpback whales. Humpbacks from both ends of the pacific ocean nurture their calves in the tranquil waters of the gulf, and between June and August can be seen breaching with spectacular displays of power.
  • Kayaking Kayaking There are a few good options for kayaking in and around the gulf. You can rent kayaks in Rincon and Puerto Jimenez and explore the many secluded bays and mangroves of the area. Or if you have a real taste for adventure try ocean kayaking. We know several experienced water men who can take you out for some extreme fishing.
  • Yoga & massage Yoga & massage Living in such a healthy outdoor environment, it’s no surprise to find that yoga is an integral part of daily life here and there are some truly inspiring teachers in our community. You can join in many of the local classes, some of the venues are just a stroll from the cabinas. Theraputic massage is also availabe, or you could treat yourself to a soulful and holistic spa therapy, using pure Osa rainforest ingredients.
  • Dining & Nightlife Dining & Nightlife The Osa Is not renowned for it's nightlife, however there are a few decent places to eat in Puerto Jimenez, or you could try one of the pricey eco-lodges in the hills above Cabo Matapalo, but for great food and ambience, look no further than Buena Esperanza, Martina’s bar and restaurant. Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, the bar is tranquil in the day and can get lively in the evening. It is the social cornerstone of the community. Friday is market night at the bar and an opportunity to purchase fresh fish, produce and local crafts.

Contact Cabinas Ola Mar

Cabinas Ola Mar is owned and operated by longtime Cabo Matapalo surfer and resident, Jim Holcombe. Jim has lived on the Osa for twenty years, in which time he has married and had children here. He has a wealth of knowledge about the area and is only to happy to share his Osa wisdom. He can hook you up with fishing charters, nature and wildlife guides, tours to Corcovado National Park or direct you to the many activities available.

jim and trish holcombe

For reservations & enquiries,
please call Jim at
Costa Rica: 011 506 8896 9650
or email him at

Upcoming Events

Transformation Ceremonies

As we approach the Spring season - time of new growth and pure potential - I am excited to share with you our active calendar for the month of April. Beginning March 28th and ending April 26th we will be giving over Cabinas Ola Mar to the spirit of transformation. For 5 consecutive weekends (Friday & Saturday nights) we will be hosting sacred singing circles. These ceremonies will be enhanced during the week with plenty of time for yoga, art, surf, talk, exploration or simply sitting in communion with the magical environment that is the Osa. All meals will be lovingly prepared with fresh, healthy ingredients and our comfy screened in cabinas provide an open air feel without inviting in our critter neighbors.

Special Guest

Ceremonies on the 11th and 12th of April will be poured by a very special guest to the Osa, Wolf Martinez. Wolf is a healer with over 20 years of experience with various medicine ways including Sweat Lodge, Vision Questing, Ghost Dance, Sun Dance, Sacred Plant ceremonies, Zen Shiatsu and many other forms of ritual to commune directly with the Great Mystery. Wolf will be with us from the 9th till the 18th of April and will also be offering optional individual Transformational Body Therapy sessions. We have several options available for the length of stay and number of ceremonies you might like to attend . The prices below include lodging , food and ceremonies .

If you have specific dietary or lodging needs, please communicate that with us and we will work hard to meet your needs.


Ceremony Options

  1. One week with two ceremonies ………. 550.00
  2. Nine days with four ceremonies ………..850.00
  3. Eighteen days with six ceremonies …… 1500.00
  4. Twenty four days with eight ceremonies … 2000.00
  5. The whole month with ten ceremonies … 2200.00


"Transformational Body Therapy"

Healing, Transformation, Spiritual Experience... all occur within the body. My desire and intention is to provide each individual the opportunity to REAL-ize this, and set these experiences into the physical form, there for assisting to make manifest change in a profound way that affects all the way to the DNA and core of ones life. This way the relief experienced can be carried outside the session, and set into the body to be carried toward every day yet to come. "Transformation".

Wolf is a practitioner of his self-developed form of healing practice for body, mind, and spirit. He performs private sessions, that have been transmuted through him with over 20 years of practice of providing assistance to people with a multitude of stories, challenges, and intentions. Injury, cancer, HIV, depression, addiction, relationship difficulties, seeing illusions, breaking of old habits, patterns, and conditioning, deepening of spiritual awareness are only some of the stories addressed over the years of practice. Therapists, counselors, and fellow healers also make up many of Wolf's clients.

This treatment is based in Zen Shiatsu, which accesses the acupoints (doorways) and meridians (pathways) through stretching the body, and touch, to bring harmony and balance to the energies associated with the internal organs and the 5 Elements which have an impact on the mental, emotional, and Spiritual bodies as well. He incorporates also his studies of the Medicine ways of various Indigenous peoples as well as messages received through personal inquiry during his experiences with many years of participating in Sweat Lodge, Vision Questing, Ghost Dance, Sun Dance, Plant Ceremonies, and many other forms of ritual to commune directly with the Great Mystery. In addition to body work the session can include Council, Breathwork, Journeying, Healing Songs, and the offerings of tools to help one to surrender, and learn practical ways to maintain freedom, deepening of relationship to others, nature, Spiritual Guides, and one's Self.

He studied with Ohashi, a Zen Shiatsu Master from Japan, for 3 years, and Graduated from his Institute. He was then invited to become a teacher at the Ohashi Institute, but chose to pursue his studies with Indigenous Elders and Traditions. He feels the combination of Shiatsu and the Sweat Lodge "Inipi" and Hambleyceya (Vision Quest) saved his Life. He traveled throughout North, Central, and South America, participating in Ceremony and long discussions with many elders from several Shamanic Cultures. He has been blessed with the invitation to travel throughout the U.S., Europe, Central, and South America to bring his unique form of Medicine to many many peoples of many walks.

"I am an ordinary person whom has been gifted the opportunity to laugh, cry, dance, and pray with many extraordinary peoples from across many different lands, space, and time. Life has been my teacher, Spirit is my guide, Heart is all I have to offer, Touch is such a Gift."

Many Blessings,
505-466-3157 hm
505-310-2980 cell.